• I’d never been a big Physio fan but after a knee replacement in November 2022 I had to partake. I called Westside Physio because my husband had great treatment there a few years ago. I was booked with Eric and he is awesome! Knows his stuff, explains things well, guides the execution of the contortions I had to maneuver! and did it all with a smile. Easy for him, I was the one doing the work!! But we had lots of laughs and good times even during the pain. I did what I was told, although the exercises were painful. and the best thing about it was my speedy progress! I’m very grateful for Eric’s guidance and support. He’s cute and fun too! I can say that ’cause I’m old!

    Thanks sooooooooooo much!

    -Cheryl Hogg

    Cheryl Hogg

    Direct Email, 2023
  • Professional environment, friendly staff. Would recommend to anyone!

    -T. F.

    Troy Fisher

    Google, 2022
  • The staff and therapists are so professional, friendly and very caring.
    Highly recommend Westside Physiotherapy and Acupuncture.

    -J. P.

    Jamie Polsom

    Google, 2022
  • Very interested in helping you and a very positive mood. I have jumpers k we and I thought it wouldn’t get better but after going once I can play soccer again with only a bit of pain afterwords and not while running. Would highly recommend.

    – Z. M.

    Z Maurer

    Google, 2022
  • Optimistic and helpful therapists. If you do your homework, their exercises will make a difference. Helpful & easy going front end staff. Integrated calendar service makes booking and keeping track of appointments super easy.

    -H. N.

    Heather Noakes

    Google, 2022
  • Been getting treatments here for the last year-ish. Love the staff and the practitioners. They are super friendly and knowledgeable and always willing to have conversations. Would 10/10 recommend them!

    -C. D.

    Courtney Duncan

    Google, 2022
  • Best place in town Rachel is the best Physiotherapist that I ever had.

    -S. P.

    Susane Paquet

    Google, 2022
  • Very friendly service and prompt call back from the front desk. I was asked if I was interested in being put on the cancellation list and I was able to see a physiotherapist the same day I called.

    -J. G.

    Jody Gorski

    Google, 2022
  • I can’t say enough about Westside Physio! Naythan my physio has expertise in many techniques so I felt results rapidly. Naythan Is understanding and expresses faith that my condition will only continue to get better! He is one of the nicest people you could meet.
    Emilee my kiniesiologist has been getting me on exercises that will work for me. She is very professional and gets you on with working on a program, I love that.
    Mikaela, 😊is so very welcoming, efficient and helpful.
    The owner, a great guy, I have faith in this group.

    – M. S.

    Mary Staudinger

    Google, 2022
  • Cannot praise them enough. Went to them with a terrible back pain and Nicole sorted me out in just a few visits.

    – W. G.

    Willow Gilbert

    Google, 2021
  • Cannot praise them enough. Went to them with a terrible back pain and Nicole sorted me out in just a few visits.

    – F. H.

    Fred Hargreaves

    Google, 2021
  • Nicole is the best physio I have ever seen and, Emille is also the best kinesiologist I’ve ever had! After an MVA in 2019 I had been working with different therapists who all told me my pain and concussion symptoms were emotional. Upon my first visit with Westside Physio they saw my pain was very much real and have helped my recovery so much. I can’t imagine where I would be right now if I hadn’t called. My pain is now manageable and I’m building my strength back. Most importantly I feel like I’m getting my life back. This is the ONLY place I would recommend going if you need therapies! They are the BEST!

    – K. L.

    Kayden Lightning

    Google, 2021
  • Nicole is a very good physiotherapist and takes time to listen to her patients. Office staff is friendly and efficient and I would recommend to others.

    – M. A.

    Marj Akerley

    Google, 2021
  • Everyone here is lovely to interact with right from the point you enter the door. They are extremely helpful and cheery though the whole process. The experience is so nice I almost don’t want to get better.

    – S. S.

    Shawn Sandhu

    Google, 2021
  • Westside physiotherapy and acupuncture is a great place. Friendly very knowledgeable and very prompt. I have been going there for several weeks for rotator cuff issues and have greatly improved. I appreciate the great service. Thank you Nicole.

    – G. P.

    Grant Prince

    Google, 2021
  • I have been seeing Nicole for the past several weeks regarding my recovery from surgery. Complications arose which Nicole identified immediately and resulted in treatment and care that has lead to relatively quick improvement and most importantly reduction in the pain I was experiencing. Nicole
    Is a highly knowledgeable, professional and competent physiotherapist who treats her patients with In a cheerful and compassionate manner. Her use of the PhysiApp made my homework (exercise) much easier to complete using the correct techniques. It is without hesitation that I recommend Nicole.

    – D. P.

    David Patterson

    Google, 2021
  • Kristen is wonderful! I went to see her with daily headaches and neck shoulder and upper back pain. After treatment with acupuncture and IMS my headaches are gone and even though I still have the other pain it is getting a lot better.

    – P. B. B.

    Patti Butts-Boyce

    Facebook, 2021
  • If you are looking for a good physiotherapist, I would definitely recommend Nicole. She communicates well, is very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and definitely knows how to help you get better.

    – K. B.

    Kathy Berardo

    Google, 2021
  • Nicole is an awesome physiotherapist and the whole team here is so friendly, caring, and professional. Nicole is so thorough and always knows exactly what to do to fix the ailments that I come to her with. They have great COVID-19 procedures including sanitizing, private rooms, masks, and more. I always feel comfortable in their office. They also have evening and morning appointments which is great for me as I work full-time. If you are looking for a new physiotherapist, I highly recommend their office!

    – S. S.

    Sydney Solland

    Google, 2021
  • I had been struggling with a painful swollen knee for about 4 months went to the doctor even seen a rheumatologist and was offered a steroid shot said no to that….. and found westside physio, booked a appointment with Dr. Nicole she gave me some exercises to do and worked her magic, only 4 sessions later and my exercise and stretching routine that she emailed me (so easily accessible by a handy app)the swelling and pain in my knee is just about gone now. Thx Dr Nicole I’m ever so thankful I made that appointment

    – D. O.

    Denise Olsen

    Facebook, 2020
  • The staff are very friendly and immediately make you feel comfortable and welcome. Nicole is very knowledgeable, passionate and caring.

    – S. B.

    Susie Boake

    Google, 2021