• Post surgery, covid hit and everything closed down, resulting in no physio for me. I was told I might need more surgery because of the delay but then an angel arrived named Nicole. Now I am walking without any kind of aid, doing pilates, and living life. Thank you. I will continue to extol the virtues of Nicole at Westside Physiotherapy.

    – M. W.

    Maureen Warner

    Google, 2021
  • An overall great experience with fantastic results. Nicole is an expert in her field and has me on a path to recovery. And KOODOS for Corey for offering great customer service. I definitely recommend to anyone who is suffering with aches and pains to seek out Nicole.

    – A.


    Google, 2021
  • Nicole is very personable and makes you comfortable immediately. She has up to date knowledge on the latest treatment methods, as well as the more traditional. Try her you won’t be disappointed.

    – K. Z.

    Krista Zdrill

    Google, 2021
  • I have nothing but great things to say about this place. The staff are very caring, efficient and professional. I was injured over 3 years ago in a MVA and have gone to various people for treatment. Nicole is very knowledgeable and caring. She will work with you in various ways to help get you to your ultimate health goal. The treatment that I receive has been the best I have gone to.

    – S. W.

    Shanda Wright

    Google, 2021
  • Carol is great when making your appointments or rescheduling when necessary. Nicole has been instrumental in my rehab and ability to return to work

    – G. A. H.

    Gwendolyne Ann Hinch

    Facebook, 2020
  • Always very professional and kind!

    – C. S.

    Cathy Schleppe

    Google, 2020
  • Physiotherapist Nicole knows her stuff. She keeps me from seizing up like the Tin Man! Thorough assessment and treatment including acupuncture. I highly recommend her knowledgeable therapy. Her support staff Carol is friendly and efficient. Five stars.

    ICU Hearts

    Google, 2020
  • Kristen is kind, encouraging and knowledgable. If you want someone to help you to help yourself get stronger and healthier, she is a great collaborative physiotherapist!

    – I. D. K.

    IrisLee-Derek Koch

    Google, 2020
  • I have been to see Nicole on several occasions to work on my feet issues during the past 2 months and the results have been incredible. Nicole is knowledgeable and she has been professional and courteous each and every visit and I would highly recommend her.

    – B. L.

    Bernice Louie

    Google, 2020
  • I had an injury that would not get better over a number of months. My family doctor recommended Westside Physio. I am so glad I went. I was treated by Nicole. She is very knowledgeable and had multiple treatment options for me. I am well on my way to a full recovery! I wish I had gone sooner. Nice friendly office..

    Martin Paulaitis

  • I have been a patient for over five years. They have always been friendly and professional. I have always been able to get an appointment when needed and they help fit you in if you need an extra treatment too, just a call away!

    Rhonda Benko

  • Great friendly staff. Knowledgeable Physiotherapists.

    Robert Hofmann

  • I have been coming to Westside Physio ever since I moved here 4 years ago. I recently started working with a new physiotherapist, Nicole, who took over ownership of the business. I was a bit apprehensive the first time I met her but was very pleased with her. Nicole is very dedicated in helping you achieve your end result and is very patient and helpful with me. Her husband has helped me several times with my arrivals and departures from the office so the whole experience is very pleasant. I would recommend this office for the next time you require physiotherapy.

    Karyn Hutchings

  • Front end staff was very friendly and helpful. Made me feel comfortable on my first visit. I believe her name is Carol. First impressions are so important and her cheerful, sincere greeting certainly created a positive one!

    Jacquie Loiselle

  • Great… great physio… they know how to help you help yourself to recovery

    Donald Richards

  • Great staff, positive environment, Very pleased with this physiotherapy and would definitely recommend Westside Physiotherapy & Acupuncture to others.

    Kati Nagler

  • I have nothing but great things to say. Staff are knowledgeable, caring, and have that personal touch. They didnt overdo my treatment schedule and they dealt kindly with my cancellations. Although I wasnt recommended to receive massage therapy by their practitioner, in my mind that worked best because my recovery involved being aware of small pains and branching further on my own accord. Thanks all.

    Pat Stewart

  • Great physio..they know there stuff…all you have to do is follow the plan that is laid out… and it works..love it.

    Don Huculak

  • been going for years, always great service. phone calls are always answered with positivity and punctuality

    Devon N

  • I have been coming to Westside Physio for years now and they have helped countless times . From back pain to sprained ankles, the staff is very knowledgeable and always fix me right up. The customer service is great, they are all very personable . 10/10 would recommend !

    Courtney Peach

  • I have had treatments from all three of the physiotherapists over the years, and I highly recommend each of them, based on their knowledge, professionalism and genuine care for their patients. They are extremely personable and accomodating. This goes for the front desk staff as well. Fantastic customer service. And they always have candy! 👍👍

    Shelley Peach