Intramuscular Stimulation (Gunn IMS) & Functional Dry Needling

IMS and Functional Dry Needling address the neuropathic origin of the pain that you feel locally in a muscle. Nerves can slightly malfunction after minor irritation. They can become sensitive, or “sensitized” and their signals are exaggerated. The signals can be perceived as painful by the body, and the ongoing signals to the muscle can cause chronic contraction and shortening of the muscle it supplies.

IMS and Functional Dry Needling are needle treatment techniques that release shortened bands of muscle and trigger points that often are the source of pain and dysfunction. This helps relieve pressure on the tendons and joints the affected muscle is involved with, which can help decrease the strain on those structures. This in turn can help reduce the inflammation or degenerative changes that might be occurring in the tendon or joint.

IMS may be used on muscles of the limbs, and/or spinal muscles. Your Physiotherapist can determine if you could benefit from dry needling. All of our Physiotherapists who practice IMS or Functional Dry Needling have completed advanced training and certification to perform the technique.

There is no additional charge for receiving IMS during your physiotherapy visit. You are able to continue moderate exercise after receiving dry needling. Small amounts of bruising and soreness are normal after treatment. IMS is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are immunocompromised, or taking blood thinner medication, you might be at higher risk for adverse effects. Your Physiotherapist will discuss what the best treatment options may be for you.