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Private Physiotherapy Treatments

Initial visit − $80.00
Subsequent visits − $80.00

The initial assessment and treatment is booked into a 45 time slot. Subsequent visits are booked into 30 minute time slots. This is one on one time with a registered physiotherapist. Depending upon the type of treatment a visit generally lasts between 30 − 60 minutes.

MSP Premium Assistance

Each visit − $35.00 − user fee

Medical Services Plan Premium Assistance is a British Columbia funded service for lower income households. If an individual qualifies then they are entitled to a combined 10 treatments in total during a calendar year for treatment from a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, naturopath, or for non-surgical podiatry. We can quickly inquire over the phone to see if an individual has premium assistance status. MSP only pays a portion of the visit, therefore a discounted user fee is charged. Please bring your MSP Care Card so we can enquire about your status.

ICBC Claims

No User Fee

ICBC provides coverage for physiotherapy treatments for drivers, passengers, or pedestrians that have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). There is no user fee for an accepted claim and the clinic will bill ICBC directly. ICBC will provide up to 25 treatments without interruption within the first 12 weeks starting from the date of the accident. Any treatment beyond this time is to be discussed and decided amongst the claims specialist, the physiotherapist, and your Doctor.

For your first appointment please bring:

  • Care Card Number
  • ICBC Claim Number
  • Contact information for your adjuster
  • An updated Doctor’s referral

WCB Claims

There is no charge for an accepted WCB claim. If you have been injured on the job and are seeking physiotherapy treatment, for that injury, then you must contact WCB and get a claim number. This claim number allows you access to physiotherapy for an initial assessment that is automatically covered by WCB. Subsequent visits, if approved, are also covered by WCB. The amount of time that WCB will cover for physiotherapy visits depends on a number of factors, one of which is the type of injury the worker has sustained. Your attending physiotherapist will discuss this with you during your initial visit. Until WCB has accepted the claim, the client will be charged our normal treatment fee for each visit (Note: there is no charge for the initial assessment with a claim number). Once a claim is accepted, any fees charged to date will immediately be reimbursed to the client in the form that the payment was received.

Extended Health Care Benefits

We currently provide physiotherapy for all third party providers but only direct bill for Blue Cross. Your specific coverage depends upon your provider. Some will provide a yearly dollar amount while others might pay a percentage of the fee. We recommend that you discuss this with your provider prior to booking an appointment. With Blue Cross clients we will be able to tell you exactly what your coverage is when you come in for an appointment. Some individuals will have to pay a portion of the fee which is dependent upon the individual policy. With all other health care coverage we will provide you with a receipt for physiotherapy services that you can then submit to your provider for reimbursement.

Cancellation Policy

Please be respectful of our time as we are respectful of your time. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment we ask that you provide us with a phone call at least 8 hours prior so that we can try to fill the slot with another client. If you don’t show up for a scheduled appointment and don’t phone then we will charge you for that appointment. People who are continually cancelling or missing appointments can be refused further treatments at the discretion of the treating physiotherapist.